globatech is a group of four sister companies: av-tech, logic-contrôle, sara-tech and gesti-clean working together to meet the needs of a diverse clientele to provide:

  • operation and maintenance of building systems;
  • parking and building security equipment;
  • management of building comfort and energy;
  • management of building cleanliness and sanitation.

Our mission: design and provide property managers with the technical solutions and services they require to meet the health needs, security and comfort of their occupants.

  • The largest team of experts, everywhere in Québec;
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Offering an excellent quality-price ratio;
  • Objectives and budgets in line with our commitment to you.

Our companies are run on the basis of governance rules covering human health and security, property protection, and environmental safety.

globatech services are delivered in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and favour an approach focusing on action plans designed to achieve best environmental practices.

Gilles Shoonerglobatech takes pride in the launch of its new Internet site. The goal of our site is to provide an information tool so our clients can learn about our areas of expertise and the range of services we can provide them. This site also aims to provide an entryway for those wishing to join our ranks and make their career with us.

We strive on a daily basis to be effective, reliable partners that property managers can count on, and to take the health and safety of property occupants to heart. We focus on the quality of the training our technicians receive and on their versatility, so we can better respond to managers' needs. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

What sets us apart and keeps us growing is our top quality-price ratio and our satisfied clientele.

Gilles Shooner Eng.

We exist to serve our clients, and make the quality of our service to them our top priority. Because all our services aim to satisfy our clients, globatech:

  • Strives to open and maintain steady, effective communications and to share information transparently;
  • Ensures that services rendered match and exceed its clients' requirements and expectations;
  • Stresses proactivity, idea generation and innovative suggestions that can improve our clients' productivity and comfort and reduce their operating costs;
  • Ensures that employees possess all the requisite skills.

The competence and dedication of our people are the very essence of the services we provide. globatech makes this happen by:

  • Providing its employees a safe, stimulating working environment;
  • Ensuring that its employees have the right training;
  • Maintaining a continuous, effective listening, communication and problem resolution process;
  • Fostering personal initiative and employee development;
  • Assessing employee performance.


globatech, when selecting personnel, seeks the best person possible at every level of the organization. Each employee is dedicated to performing a task linked to one or more professional fields identified directly or indirectly with the field of building system services. Depending on operational needs, the company may require that an employee or group of employees possess the appropriate skill set for performing particular tasks. While taking everyone's specialties into account at the professional level, every employee's optimal versatility allows us to offer our clients top-quality service at competitive prices.


Every employee has an important role to play within our company and their combined strengths allow us to provide excellent continuity of service. Each employee is unique, with a unique skill set. We have managed to develop the requisite synergy through teamwork and good communication.

Autonomy and confidence

Exceeding expectations and meeting our clients' needs are key goals at globatech. We invest in our employees' competence and know-how, because they're the ones on the frontline serving our clients. Thanks to our employees, we can offer a management mode based on autonomy and trust. Our employees are what makes our company strong. Thanks to them, we have managed to build and maintain our clients' solid trust.

Because our suppliers are favoured partners who help us achieve our goal of satisfying our clients, globatech:

  • Chooses trustworthy, reliable, competent suppliers;
  • Favours proactive, innovative suppliers who improve and broaden the services we deliver while increasing their own business volume with us;
  • Promotes transparent negotiations and abides by our agreements with them.