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av-tech, building systems operation and maintenance

Since 1970, av-tech has been providing property owners and managers a full range of services for operating and maintaining building systems.

av-tech can meet all the needs related to managing a building, with the support of over 350 employees working in more than 700 buildings spread throughout Québec.

We hire

What we offer

av-tech can supervise the operation of your equipment and take charge of all maintenance operations for:

  • Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems;
  • Electrical and plumbing networks;
  • Automatic energy control and management systems;
  • Access control systems;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Harmful gas detection systems;
  • Equipment for the monitoring and management of parking areas;
  • Safety equipment;
  • Power plants, stationary machinery;
  • Generators;
  • Maintenance of crossings;
  • Other equipment connected with building mechanicals.

av-tech also offers:

  • Service by floormen, general labour and specialized workers;
  • Preventive building maintenance.

Why us?

  • Efficient monitoring of operating and maintenance costs, with the right balance between preventive maintenance and budgetary control;
  • Impeccable, attributable project management;
  • A multidisciplinary team giving you access to all the expertise you need to solve complex problems;
  • Fast on-site service, when you need it, all around Québec.