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Montréal Représentant des ventes
Mauricie Chargé de projet - av-tech
Québec Plombier
Bas-Saint-Laurent Électromécanicien
Mauricie Concierge

Why work for Globatech

Many recognition programs

Reference program

As our employee, you can become a recognized globatech headhunter: Recommend a future employee and receive a bonus when the hire is made.

Savings sharing program

You can contribute towards reducing certain administrative costs through your individual actions.

Sales contribution program

We also recognize employee contributions to company sales.

Program recognizing good ideas

Your good ideas contributing to company growth can be recognized individually or as a group.

Program recognizing years of service

globatech is always glad to showcase the unique expertise of every employee.

Internal and external client appreciation

Doing a top notch job will sometimes be the subject of thanks from our various clients and helps strengthen the globatech image.

Excellence program

We seek to foster and spotlight the demonstration and development of a culture of excellence within our organization. This is why every year we reward the most outstanding employee for:

  • Successful business deals;
  • Developing new quality standards;
  • Noteworthy accomplishments within the company or for the community.

Un prix commémoratif et une prime de 500 $ sont remis au récipiendaire.

Attractive working conditions

  • Annual employment without seasonal layoffs;
  • 100$ assistance/year/employee towards tool insurance;
  • Work clothes may be furnished;
  • Frequent, popular social activities (i.e.: 5 to 7, Christmas party, special excursions, summer party, etc.);
  • In-house newspaper encouraging employee participation;
  • Excellently located offices in Québec, Montreal, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau and Saguenay.

Opportunities for a variety of careers

  • Full-time 40 hour week;
  • Permanent;
  • Weekend;
  • On the road, at a fixed location, or in an office;
  • For retired employees;
  • In over 20 different trades;

Financial assistance for training and development

globatech encourages its employees to specialize in their work and contributes towards developing their career within the company through:

  • A training policy;
  • Financial assistance available for career development (total of over 100,000 $/year invested in worker training);
  • Personalized training plan;
  • Individualized mentoring

Excellent insurance coverage

globatech participates in a very interesting group insurance plan:

  • Funded jointly by the employer and employee;
  • Open to all of the company's full time, permanent new employees;
  • Eligibility after completing three continuous months of service;
  • Modular plan (3) offering coverage for families, single parent families, and individuals.

Confidential employee assistance program

All of our employees enjoy a free, around the clock, employee assistance program. This strictly confidential service is designed to help our personnel face life's uncertainties, such as personal difficulties (stress, job changes, relationships with colleagues); family issues (conflicts, separation, communication, caregivers); personal problems (sleep, anxiety, stress, depression); dependency problems (alcohol, drugs, compulsive gambling).

Workplace health and safety: priority

It is the intention of globatech's management to eliminate or control the risks of work-related injuries and occupational diseases and keep the workplace safe and healthy, in order to retain its skilled personnel.

globatech's management strives to integrate health and workplace safety values at all levels of the company, through its organization of work, human resource management, equipment maintenance, purchase of materials and relationships with its subcontractors.

Employment equity

globatech has adopted the principle of employment equity and takes proactive measures to hire and retain a representative number of women, aboriginal people, members of visible minorities and persons with a disability. In view of this, an employment equity policy has established, so no one is denied employment or professional opportunities for any reason other than those related to their skills.

When an opportunity for employment or advancement arises, the company gives priority to internal candidates.

Continuous organizational improvement

Working at globatech means striving to achieve excellence. This demanding goal requires that we believe in our possibilities and participate in continuously improving all company activities.

We are committed to

  • Providing a safe, stimulating working environment to our employees;
  • Attending, at all times, to the appropriate training of our staff;
  • Maintaining a continuous, effective listening, communication and problem resolution process;
  • Supporting personal initiative and the development of each employee;
  • Evaluating and openly acknowledging the performance of our workers.