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gesti-clean provides industrial, commercial and institutional janitorial services. It specializes in the industrial cleaning required by your production operations and those resulting from specific incidents.

gesti-clean scrupulously customizes and performs all cleaning tasks, to meet each client's specific needs and specifications.

We hire

What we offer

gesti-clean can provide its janitorial services to you, including:

  • Regular housekeeping;
  • Floor washing, stripping and waxing;
  • Rug cleaning;
  • Furniture and light fixture cleaning;
  • Interior window washing;
  • Bath and shower maintenance;
  • Product inventory management;
  • Special event cleaning.

gesti-clean keeps your manufacturing environment clean, including:

  • Building cleaning;
  • Production equipment cleaning;
  • Residual material cleaning;
  • High pressure cleaning.

gesti-clean can analyze your needs and draw up an overall price quote, including:

  • Janitorial routes per building and per item;
  • Description and frequency of maintenance activities;
  • Industrial cleaning activities and cleaning methods;
  • The safe disposal of trash;
  • Personnel and qualifications required in terms of manpower, depending on the tasks and equipment used;
  • Skills personnel should possess;
  • Work schedules;
  • Hourly rates and cost estimates;
  • Inventory management;
  • Reports to be produced.

Why us?

  • gesti-clean offers you a customized service that rigorously meets your internal practices, in accordance with all applicable workplace health and safety norms, and environmental protection;
  • gesti-clean's expertise will help you better control your operations and focus most of your energy and resources on the quality of your operations and/or production;
  • gesti-clean is committed to finding and sharing the best available practices with you, at the most cost-effective rate;
  • gesti-clean services include manpower and all necessary equipment and products;
  • gesti-clean is particularly concerned about protecting the environment and uses certified green products.