I have been working for logic-contrôle since 2002. The drive and team spirit within the group create an extremely enjoyable working environment. Over the years, a strong sense of belonging to the company and a very stimulating team spirit have developed. This teamwork has allowed each of us to achieve significant, highly rewarding professional success.

Mélanie Tardif Sales Representative, Québec


I have been working for the company since 2010. av-tech is a company that has faith in its teams. Personally, they trusted me from the start and gave me the chance to demonstrate my professional potential and develop my sense of responsibility. Presently, we are grateful our employer values family and provides us with the flexibility to balance work and family.

Bernard St-Amour Lead Mechanic, Gatineau


I have been working at av-tech since 2008 and I enjoy the very warm and friendly workplace atmosphere. The team is a pleasure and we respect each other's values. I feel like I am part of a team. My views count and the role everyone plays is valued by the company, according to our abilities. I'm allowed to propose ideas, improve my work and, in addition, I'm given the resources to do it, either through training or with equipment. Finally, the leadership team is understanding and humane. They are all close to the company's employees.

Catherine Bourdage Administrative Assistant, Saguenay


Since I was hired, I've visited the various areas of the company. Since I was recruited as a refrigerationist, I've had significant opportunities for advancement. My current role is to maintain good contact with clients and plan factory maintenance tasks at various levels: electricity, plumbing, air conditioning … I see the company as highly dynamic, which inspires me to adopt a positive, efficient attitude in representing it. When I was hired, I was impressed by the vitality of the human resources team then in place.

Carl Duperré Building Services Team Supervisor, Saguenay


I've been working for av-tech since 2006. I really like this company; we have a very understanding - actually terrific - boss. The atmosphere at work is great. There's no way we could come to work and not smile. We are a small family that helps each other with everything.

Isabelle Brassard Administrative Agent, Québec


I was greeted warmly on my very first day, and thanks to real team work between colleagues and superiors, I adapted quickly. This has allowed me to make use of all the professional experience I acquired in my country of origin. The everyday challenges make my work a very interesting job. So I am proud I have been part of globatech since 2011.

Daniel Castillo-Muniz Accès-Montréal Technician

av-tech et logic-contrôle

Having started my career with av-tech, logic-contrôle as a receptionist in 2003, I was quickly promoted to a position matching my capabilities. The company's confidence in me has allowed me to evolve depending on my needs. With the latitude at the level of established procedures that I needed to continually improve, I sense that I am developing my full potential and fulfilling myself in my work. And most importantly, we have the kind of magnificently dynamic, supportive team that few companies can claim.

Tania Laserra Administrative Assistant - Service Department-Montreal