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logic-contrôle, parking and building safety equipment

logic-contrôle is an uncontested leader in the sales and installation of parking area management equipment in Québec. It partners with over 90% of hospital parking area managers throughout Quebec and most of the office buildings in the Province.

Since 1985, it has been advising its clients in their choice of equipment for managing parking areas and maximizing returns, and for controlling and securing access to buildings.

We hire

what we offer

Parking area management equipment

  • Automated parking area gates and systems;
  • Booth attendant;
  • Control center using TCP/IP technology;
  • Payment booths;
  • Intercom systems using TCP/IP technology;
  • Input/output terminals.

Building safety equipment

  • Cameras and video surveillance systems using TCP/IP technology;
  • Building access control using TCP/IP technology;
  • Detecting harmful and combustible gases;
  • Identification of personnel;
  • Waste snow disposal site management software;
  • Automated guard tour.

Export security

logic-contrôle offers you a plethora of products for optimizing site security to help you acquire C-TPAT certification.

Why us ?

  • Products and solutions designed for a harsh northern climate;
  • A parking area management software package offering flexible, world-class solutions;
  • A vast team of competent, rigorous, absolutely reliable professionals;
  • Turnkey projects;
  • Fast on-site service, when you need it, all around Québec.

Automated gate and parking area control systems

  • Fast opening access gate;
  • Commercial and industrial vertical arm gate;
  • Vertical pivot gate;
  • Sliding gate operator;
  • Residential and industrial swinging gate operator;
  • Booth or card reader control of parking area entrances and exits;
  • Parking areas controlled by a ticket machine.
Automatic systems

Access control

  • Access card reader;
  • Electromagnet;
  • Electric strike;
  • Automatic gate;
  • Tripod turnstile;
  • Exit request;
  • Electrified panic bar;
  • Personnel identification system;
  • Identification Card;
  • Increased protection against card duplication;
  • Proximity card;
  • Visitor management solutions.

Automatic systems

Cameras and video surveillance

  • Increasing customer and facility safety;
  • Preventing theft and vandalism;
  • Performing direct access monitoring;
  • Recording extra high quality images;
  • Transmitting signals via optical fibre and network

AXIS Communications

Harmful and combustible gas detection system

  • Detection de carbon monoxide, natural gas, propane, etc…
  • Efficient and effective;
  • Easy to install;
  • Minimal maintenance cost.


Waste snow disposal site management software

  • Lynx management software developed in conjunction with Teknome Solutions Logistique;
  • Allows municipalities to automate waste snow depots, quarries, etc... ;
  • Provides a multitude of reports and activity statistics;
  • Controls site (depot) entry and provides a multitude of data to improve management.


Electronic guard tour

  • Provides reliable, cutting edge security products to property owners and managers;
  • Uses proximity (contactless) reader technology;
  • Provides random frequency security guard patrol applications;
  • Provides an accurate picture of maintenance frequency for certain equipment (extinguishers);
  • Produces highly accurate event reports;
  • Provides tracking of security personnel work.

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