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sara-tech, management of building comfort and energy

Established in 2003, sara-tech specializes in building automation solutions. It sells, installs and maintains building ventilation, air conditioning, and heating control and regulating equipment. This ensures occupant comfort by minimizing energy consumption.

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What we offer

To improve the comfort of your building's occupants and lower your energy consumption in line with sustainable development, sara-tech can:

  • Analyze and optimize your buildings' energy control systems;
  • Establish an integrated energy management system;
  • Energy saving programs adapted to your needs;
  • Perform proactive remote surveillance of your buildings to ensure comfort;
  • Turnkey projects, from design to implementation.

In partnership with all sectors of the building industry, we encourage the design, construction and operation of environmentally friendly buildings that also provide optimum comfort to their occupants.

Why us?

  • sara-tech is the proud partner of Hydro-Québec's energy efficiency programs and helps you obtain available financial assistance;
  • Turnkey solutions, adapted to your needs and yielding a rapid return on investment;
  • Know-how on the cutting edge of technology, leading to innovative solutions;
  • A technology that can optimize systems, swiftly handle problems and provide energy savings;
  • Precision diagnostics, accurate estimates and reliable performance;
  • Fast on-site service, when you need it, all around Québec.

Building solutions and control

Pressure transmitters

Temperature, humidity and current sensors and transmitters

Control actuators and valves

Gas detection and peripheral control equipment

Smart energy management

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