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globatech and sustainable development

As a responsible partner, globatech is firmly committed to applying the principles of sustainable development to all of its activities and decisions. The organization is committed to continually improving its own social, environmental and financial performance and to contributing actively towards the sustainable development approaches of its clients. Our personnel are involved in this process through our global action plan, which is adapted to various local realities and assumes companies that just as wide-ranging as our own.

As part of its sustainable development policy, globatech is more specifically committed to making progress towards the following goals:

From the perspective of corporate governance:

  • managing the company on the basis of strict business ethics;
  • functioning within a responsible decision making system, combining individual autonomy, commitment and accountability;
  • supporting individual development, team spirit, a taste for hard work and a sense of belonging.

From the economic point of view:

  • building client trust by acting in partnership with them, and by furthering their social, environmental and financial goals, that is, their sustainable development, centered on the management of their buildings;
  • developing networking activities by creating the right conditions for building long-term business relationships;
  • promoting more responsible production and consumption methods.

From the environmental perspective:

  • Demonstrating exemplary environmental practices in our own operations by:
    • Reducing the consumption of: fossil energy, electricity, water, and paper;
    • Applying Standard CSA/B64.10 (DAR);
    • Managing construction waste and maintenance;
    • Making use of renewable and recycling resources;
    • Managing dangerous products;
    • Using environmentally friendly and recycled building materials;
    • Managing ozone layer depleting substances;
    • Indoor air quality and detection of harmful gases;
    • Maintaining HVAC systems;
    • The maintenance and environmentally sound management of vehicles and travel.

From the social perspective:

  • continually updating the involvement and skills of all personnel;
  • developing a human resources management framework that combines equity with the recognition of individuals, hard work, and outcomes;
  • supporting staff health and workplace safety;
  • Improving both internal and external communications;
  • Becoming involved in causes fostering social development.

    Thereupon, our companies logic-contrôle and sara-tech have been distinguished over many by the Quebec Construction Association (ACQ) and the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec (CMEQ) for hiring at least one woman carrying her Quebec Construction Commission (CCQ) cards. We were therefore awarded the “Construction Sites Diversity Certificate”; for the year 2017, less than 3% of the companies in these groups received this mention. At globatech, we are making the necessary efforts to integrate woman into these male-dominated professions because we recognize their contribution to our development.

A long-term commitment

globatech is committed to continually improving the following implementation processes:

  • addition of the role of Director of Sustainable Development to the tasks of the Director of Human Resources;
  • adopting an annual action plan describing the goals and initiatives for achieving these goals;
  • monitoring and measurement of action plan outcomes, including targets and performance indicators.

Moreover, globatech will inform its stakeholders, and, in particular, its suppliers and subcontractors, about its commitments.