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Security management software

SiteSecure develops advanced yet easy-to-use security management software. The Ontario-based company is one of globatech's most recent additions.

SiteSecure offers an agile, flexible, scalable and pragmatic approach to security management. Offering turnkey or modular security management solutions, SiteSecure optimizes your security strategies and processes to boost productivity, ensure compliance and protect all your resources and assets. We also provide the expertise and support you need for all your security objectives, now and in the future.

State-of-the-art security management software

For all-in-one safety management

Access management

SiteSecure Software specializes in access management, offering a complete suite of services to meet your specific needs. Our platform enables you to register visitors with ease, manage contractors efficiently, set up restricted access lists and create customized check-out forms. We give you total control over access to your facilities, while simplifying the management process. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, you can guarantee the security of your premises while making life easier for your visitors and staff. Choose SiteSecure Software for seamless access management.

Asset management

SiteSecure Software offers you a complete range of asset management services. Our robust platform facilitates lost and found management, key monitoring, asset tracking and parcel tracking. With our innovative, user-friendly tools, you can optimize asset management, reduce waste and improve business efficiency. Simplify logistics, save time and improve asset visibility with SiteSecure Software. We offer tailor-made solutions to meet your specific asset management needs, so you can concentrate on what matters most to your business.

Information management

SiteSecure Software offers you a complete information management solution, covering a wide range of essential services. Our platform enables you to generate detailed incident reports, efficiently manage personnel information, and maintain a daily event log. Thanks to our advanced technology, you can centralize and organize all your company's crucial information, ensuring smooth, efficient management.

Multiple other functions

SiteSecure Software offers you a complete range of services to guarantee the security and efficiency of your operations. Our bilingual platform enables you to carry out threat and risk assessments, control parking, manage personnel security, perform security inspections, manage room reservations, and set up an emergency call system. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can streamline your processes while enhancing the security of your premises. Our commitment is to offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs for efficient management and enhanced security. Trust SiteSecure Software to help you manage the many facets of your operations.

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