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Security inspections

Also known as a guard tour system, security inspections are a very important feature of large, high-risk facilities, such as government installations, oil refineries, chemical plants and so on. The SiteSecure safety inspection device is a handheld computer and barcode scanner with a screen that provides the operator with instructions associated with each barcode. These instructions must be carried out.

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Pour des inspections de sécurité efficaces

3 types of tours

There are three types of tours that can be selected: Random, Forced or Timed. In a timed tour, the machine warns the operator of any delay. It also generates a separate audible alert in the event of good or bad barcode reading. Once the inspection is complete, the operator connects the handheld to its charging cradle. All recorded inspections are automatically uploaded to the host server for record storage and report generation.

Multiples fonctionnalités


No cabling is required. The system can transmit real-time reports using Wi-Fi or cellular transmission methods.

Android compatible

An Android version of the product is available.


The visual dashboard displays visitors to the site, the number of visitors per site, monthly visitor statistics and comparisons with previous months.

Alarm clock

Automatic reminders indicate when inspections are due.


The guard tour system can be intuitively integrated with incident reporting and the emergency call system.

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Offering turnkey or modular security management solutions, SiteSecure optimizes your security strategies and processes to boost productivity, ensure compliance and protect your resources and assets.

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