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Cleaning, janitorial services and operations

The support of gesti-clean enables you to offer a pleasant, safe and healthy working environment to your users at all times. Our janitorial services, cleaning services and qualified personnel meet your operational needs. You're assured of meeting OHS standards. We provide skilled labor, frequency, and services tailored to your needs, and unmatched quality control. For all your industrial and commercial buildings, you can count on gesti-clean's turnkey maintenance offer. 24/7 service. Everywhere in Quebec.

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Building cleaning

Contamination and dirt can be found everywhere your users walk. Our professional team cleans showers, changing rooms, toilets, and other common areas such as cafeterias, offices, and meeting rooms. You decide how often and where to clean, and we take care of the rest. This saves you money on cleaning costs, and ensures consistent quality.

Cleaning of production equipment

If you need to clean a tank or a space requiring zero energy, or to degrease industrial equipment, our employees are trained to do it. They can also clean with a pressure washer and remove all traces of liquid or chemical products, keeping your employees safe and preventing accidents. In short, we're the experts to call for cleaning in production areas.

Cleaning and safe collection of industrial waste and materials

Do your employees produce a ton of waste that needs to be sorted and collected? Our employees can help you get rid of your waste and maintain a healthy working environment. They place your wood, metal, or other residual materials in the appropriate dumpster. If you recycle, our teams can adapt to your facilities. Keeping your production areas clean keeps your business running smoothly.

Loading and unloading of industrial products

Do you need a reliable, experienced hand to load your finished product onto trucks or railcars? We can help you get your products to your customers faster. Our teams are trained to safely load and unload all types of solid and liquid products. If you need help with your plant operations, count on us to get the job done right.

Operation of mobile equipment and locomotives

Thanks to our field-savvy employees, we can operate your equipment to optimize your production, including the use of forklifts, small wheel loaders, aerial work platforms, locomotives, and other mobile equipment. When you need extra manpower, you can count on our expertise and our strict adherence to health and safety (H&S) standards.

Analysis of needs and development of a customized program

At gesti-clean, we have the field experience and industry knowledge to analyze and meet your needs.  Our cleaning and janitorial services are always turnkey. You don't have to manage employees or schedules. Our customized service offer includes budget, job description, frequency and scheduling, as well as a quality control program. For a job well done, and a clean building.

Optimizing concierge routes

When fewer people work or move around your plant or building, there's less contamination. So we can adjust the frequency of cleaning to optimize your costs. We maximize each item of maintenance expenditure to intervene where you need it most. For example, we can clean more often in winter, and take advantage of summer to carry out a thorough cleaning.

Safety equipment inventory management

For your employees to be happy and successful, they need to feel safe. They must have access to safety equipment in the vending machine at all times. Don't worry about inventory and refilling, our reliable workforce takes care of it. Our employees check available quantities and replenish missing products. There's no need to place orders, we take care of everything.

Follow-up of intervention reports

You can rest easy knowing that we take care of quality control and personnel management. Our supervisors ensure that our cleaning and janitorial services live up to your expectations. If you'd like to add employee room cleaning on a monthly basis, we'll adapt to your needs, always providing you with a trained and experienced workforce. gesti-clean, for hassle-free building maintenance management.

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Founded in 2012, gesti-clean brings together over 145 employees working at more than 30 sites across Quebec. gesti-clean rigorously performs all cleaning and janitorial tasks, according to each customer's needs and specifications.

gesti-clean also offers industrial, commercial and institutional janitorial services. It specializes in industrial cleaning, arising from production activities or particular incidents.

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