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For intelligent, profitable parking management, you can count on our many years of experience and our state-of-the-art Parknet parking management system. This system communicates in real time with various peripherals, ensuring simple, comprehensive, efficient and intelligent management of your parking facilities.

Parknet is a solution developed entirely in Canada, and is in operation at over 250 sites across the country and overseas. Parknet unifies your parking facilities' various equipment and functionalities into a single network.

Parkings connected to your profits

For smart parking management

Solutions and products

The Parknet product suite lets you set up an automated, intelligent access and revenue control system. User and manager interfaces are intuitive and easy to use.

Our experienced teams are also available to train your staff on how to get your Parknet management system up and running.

Data collection, reporting and analysis

Parknet collects the data harvested by parking equipment and generates various operational, financial and statistical reports from this data, to give managers management tools. Parknet also enables the extraction of raw data, to feed your Business Intelligence platform. The reports produced by Parknet enable you to learn more about your operations and help you optimize them.

Access features for monthly subscribers

Monthly subscribers can access parking facilities with a physical or virtual proximity card, a smartphone, a long-range reader or by using automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology. They can leave without necessarily using the same entry mode. The aim of these functionalities is to offer the best possible fluidity and control of monthly subscribers' entries and exits, whatever the weather conditions.

Various visitor access functions

Parknet offers simple visitor management. Visitors can make use of free and discounted parking from merchants, standard tickets validated by payment, and license plate recognition.

Multiple payment functions

The Parknet payment service accepts more than one type of payment on a single operational site. It does not store any sensitive cardholder data, to ensure the manager's peace of mind. Parknet offers several payment functionalities, such as dynamic rate management for visitors; payment renewal for monthly subscribers via a recurring automated payment gateway; integration of payment for a non-consecutive number of visits over an unspecified period, and much more.

Various digital functions

Parknet's digital functionalities offer several possibilities, including the use of an online reservation platform, to simplify the purchase of parking access. The solution's software architecture enables optimized integration with various platforms already available on the market. The aim of this flexibility is to offer the best software service according to your preferences.

Server-based or cloud-based solutions

Parknet is available on local servers, as well as in cloud mode. This allows ParkNet to adapt to your needs. Depending on the type and location of your installation, we'll recommend the best possible solution.

ParkNet a solution marketed in Canada by logic-contrôle.

logic-contrôle offers thoughtful, intelligent security solutions to parking lot managers and managers of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Our reliable teams, available throughout Canada, handle all aspects of building and occupant security. Our customized solutions include advanced technologies for 24/7 remote monitoring.

Founded in 1985, logic-contrôle is a division of globatech.

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Since 1985, logic-contrôle has specialized in the implementation of unified security and parking management technologies. The company offers customized solutions that enable customers to better secure their facilities, improve building access control and efficiently manage their parking lots while maximizing revenues.

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