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Parknet is the fruit of over thirty years of Quebec know-how. The result of a desire to offer a tailor-made solution and a sustained R&D effort, the Parknet solution offers a complete technological range including:

Integrated intelligent parking solutions to suit your needs

Pour des stationnements bien équipés

Parking management

Parknet entry and exit terminals can be used to manage access to certain parking zones according to specific authorizations (license plate, ticket with bar code, pass) by connecting to access barriers. The entry terminal (when in event mode) and the exit terminal also feature a payment function. Numerous options and configurations are available to make these peripherals fully adapted to operators' needs.

Parknet mini entry/exit terminals are lane management terminals that are not equipped with a payment function. They can also be used to manage parking areas where the manager wishes to restrict access to a certain type of user, without the need for a full entry/exit terminal.

Payment management

Parknet's complete payment terminal is robust and easy to use. The terminal is compatible with all payment methods. It accepts coins, banknotes and all EMV payment methods, with or without contact. Featuring the latest terminals with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), banking transactions have never been so secure. No banking data passes through the Parknet software. In fact, the Parknet solution is PA-DSS Out of Scope certified. In addition to paying for a parking pass, the terminal enables monthly season ticket holders to renew their pass without having to go to the manager's office. The terminal also enables users to convert their daily ticket into a weekly or monthly pass. Finally, an operator or foundation manager can use the terminal to collect donations. The 975 credit card terminal offers the same ticketing options and user interface as the full payment terminal, without payment management (i.e. it does not handle cash).

Parknet also offers a mini terminal and a cashier station.

Specialized terminals

The multiservice terminal improves service efficiency by allowing customers to access activities directly, without having to go through an attendant. It is also used to communicate with customers and disseminate information in real time. The kiosk is the ideal tool for managing parking facilities, thanks to its flexible payment methods. It also offers modern functionalities such as targeted advertising and Twitter news broadcasting. The multiservice terminal has an open platform and can be integrated into a transportation electrification strategy. It is easy to maintain and offers management of parking-related services.

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Parknet, the fruit of 30 years of Quebec expertise and continuous research, revolutionizes parking with customized solutions. Our made-in-Quebec products, such as entry kiosks, multi-service kiosks and pay stations, offer unrivalled flexibility. Our advanced equipment guarantees secure, efficient management of your parking facilities. Our cloud-based software approach simplifies day-to-day parking management.

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