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Building mechanics

A single point of contact is needed to deal with any potential problems in all your buildings. av-tech offers you peace of mind, a job well done and a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to the health and safety of your buildings. By entrusting management to us, you say goodbye to stress. We take care of everything, from access controls to electricity. We even provide temporary or permanent technical manpower to keep you productive.

For A1 building mechanics

Maintenance work carried out in an operating context, not a construction context!

av-tech inc. customers benefit from substantial reductions in the maintenance costs of their buildings by entrusting the work directly to a company specialized in building maintenance, possessing all the necessary specialized and certified expertise, and able to carry out this work freely outside the legal constraints of the construction industry.

For complete building management

Preventive maintenance program

To keep your buildings running at peak performance, we can carry out a preventive maintenance program. We check all your systems, at the frequency you require. Our program includes complete maintenance of all mechanical aspects: air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, ventilation, automated control, fire protection, access control and security. Count on our technicians to ensure the safety of your buildings and the health of their occupants.

Property management and equipment maintenance mandate

You need to manage a building, but would like to entrust it to an external partner. Our experienced team will make your life easier by taking charge of all aspects of management that require special expertise. Whether it's budgeting, staffing, security, surveillance, electricity or plumbing, we take care of everything from A to Z. It's simple: av-tech offers you all the services you need 24/7, so you don't have to worry about the performance of your equipment.

Mandatory periodic tour

If you need to perform water tests, pressure readings or any other RBQ-related parameters, we can help. Our technicians can visit your buildings every day, so you don't have to. Our teams are trained to take measurements and make adjustments to your systems when necessary. With av-tech, your buildings are in good hands.

Temporary or permanent technical personnel

Finding the right person for the right job in a technical field can be a real challenge. Thanks to select-tech, you can save a lot of time and money on recruitment. select-tech can find the perfect employee for your company quickly, thanks to its extensive knowledge of trades and industries. Whether you need temporary or permanent help, you can count on our expertise in finding technical personnel.

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With over 350 employees working in more than 700 buildings across Quebec, av-tech can meet all your building management needs. av-tech can take charge of maintenance activities and supervise equipment operation.

av-tech can take charge of maintenance activities and supervise equipment operation, providing you with versatility and expertise.

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