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Access control

Whether you need to manage security gates, entry and exit of visitors or employees, intercoms or cameras, you need reliable installations and a reliable team. At logic-contrôle, we install, maintain and replace all access control-related equipment. By entrusting the physical security of your buildings to our teams, you gain access to the best solutions, rock-solid reliability and ongoing support.

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Advanced unified security solution

If your security systems don't communicate with each other, we can bring them together in a single application. You'll be able to manage your cameras, access cards, intercoms, gates and other access control equipment. You'll be alerted remotely, and at any time, if there's a problem that needs your attention. A unified security system is the simplest and most effective way to secure your buildings.

Access control identification device

To protect people and places, it's essential to control access. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables you to read a person's identity and automate an action, such as opening a door. We can install various types of entry authorization systems, depending on your needs: biometric reader, fingerprint, access card, etc.

Physical access control device

Once a person has been authorized to enter or leave the building, the physical equipment takes over. Whether it's an entrance gate, a parking barrier, a rotary or tripod turnstile, your peripherals need to work perfectly at every opportunity. Our certified technicians can perform preventive maintenance and repairs, so you can enjoy a reliable system every time.

Personnel identification solutions

Which employee is still in the building? Who has left? Thanks to our employee identification management software, you can control their entry and exit in real time. In addition to automating door openings and closings with access control, you'll be able to consult several reports that will help you better manage movements.

Visitor management solution

Does your building require precise control of outsiders? We can integrate visitor management into your unified security system. Through an application, you'll have access to control forms, registration, badge creation, security alarms and any other information or controls to keep track of people entering and leaving your buildings.

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Since 1985, logic-contrôle has specialized in the implementation of unified security and parking management technologies. The company offers customized solutions that enable customers to better secure their facilities, improve building access control and efficiently manage their parking lots while maximizing revenues.

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