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IDEMIA's revolutionary biometric terminals provide quick and easy access to secure areas for authorized persons. These versatile, modular access control solutions can be used on their own or with contactless cards, indoors or outdoors, and can operate as stand-alone units or as part of an IP network. Thanks to our partnership with IDEMIA, globatech offers several products for biometric security, such as contactless fingerprint readers and facial recognition access control terminals.

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Contactless fingerprint readers

IDEMIA's MorphoWave range offers fast, efficient access control with contactless fingerprint readers. The MorphoWave™ solution reads and verifies 4 fingerprints with a simple hand gesture in less than a second. Available in two models, it incorporates advances in artificial intelligence, recognizing users with wet, dry, dirty or damaged fingerprints. Already integrated into more than 25 access control systems, the technology secures high-traffic access points in various sectors worldwide.

Fingerprint access control devices

IDEMIA's SIGMA range offers advanced fingerprint access control solutions for securing various types of premises. These biometric scanners offer exceptional accuracy and reliability through direct contact with the fingerprint. With models to suit different needs, from the simple SIGMA Lite to the rugged SIGMA Extreme, this family of devices offers excellent quality at a competitive price for access control and time & attendance management.

Facial recognition access control terminals

IDEMIA's VisionPass range offers secure and reliable facial recognition terminals, providing a simple experience for a wide range of users. Both versions, VisionPass and VisionPass SP, adapt easily to light conditions, requiring little movement on the part of users. VisionPass is robust and resistant to identity theft, while VisionPass SP offers an elegant, compact design with precise results. This range incorporates the latest advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition algorithms, combined with cutting-edge optical technology combining infrared, visible and 3D cameras to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Biometric tablets

IDEMIA's ID Screen range, comprising the ID Screen and ID Screen 60 models, offers a new generation of multi-application biometric tablets. Optimized in terms of ergonomics and power, these tablets offer a wide range of connectivity options for a variety of use scenarios, both governmental (identity verification at borders, biometric enrolment of citizens, etc.) and corporate (customer registration, eKYC processes, access control). They enable biometric enrolment (fingerprints, face, demographic data) and biometric verification of document holders. ID Screen captures one fingerprint at a time, while ID Screen 60, with its larger sensor, enables rapid capture of ten fingerprints. With its robust design and powerful battery, ID Screen 60 operates efficiently even in harsh environments for a full day.

Biometric access control system

IDEMIA's MorphoManager simplifies the management of biometric access control devices and time management systems. Easily configurable, it provides centralized management of the user database and generates detailed reports. MorphoManager can manage up to 5,000 terminals, register biometric templates (fingerprints, facial recognition) for up to 100,000 users, and encode contactless smart cards. Protected by robust encryption, it ensures compliance with confidentiality standards. The software can operate independently or be integrated with other systems, offering different options depending on the needs and size of the installation.

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Since 1985, logic-contrôle has specialized in the implementation of unified security and parking management technologies. The company offers customized solutions that enable customers to better secure their facilities, improve building access control and efficiently manage their parking lots while maximizing revenues.

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